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Why Should We Believe In Astrology?

Astrology is the most ancient science which requires immense knowledge. It appeared simultaneously in many cultures: in ancient Egypt, in China, in India, in Maya Indians, and later in the Middle East. So ancient this prediction methodology is that now it is impossible to track its origins as in where and when it originated. The believers of Astrology as well as the historical texts suggest that even in ancient Egypt, it already existed as an established system of knowledge. It is striking that this practice existed throughout the history of human development and the relevance and belief of Astrology has not lost even in the recent times.

Astrology talks about the influence on the present and future of an individual of the heavenly bodies: the planets, the stars, the Sun, the Moon, depending on their position relative to the zodiac constellations. For those who believe in Astrology, it is not simply a prediction method but it is a testimony to the fact that stars and planets have a deep connection with our lives. Continue reading