How To Know About Your Zodiac With Birth Chart

Do you want to know your zodiac? The zodiac sign is also called the Sun sign and is determined by the dates that range for approximately one month. Any person who is born within this range of dates belongs to a particular zodiac sign. Reading astrology in detail can give you deep insights about your life aspects.

Interpreting the birth chart beyond the zodiac is very important as it gives a holistic view about you as a person, your strengths & weaknesses. It is widely believed that your birth chart depicts a lot about your personality & life path.

What is a Birth Chart?

The astrological natal chart is termed as the birth chart. It depicts the position of all the planets around the Sun at the accurate time of your birth.

Remember that you need a proper place, time & date of birth to get a correct birth chart. There is no scope of error in these.

Know Your Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac sign is termed as the energy that dominates your birth chart. It is the symbol of your characteristics, the repetitive themes in life, the behavioral aspects, etc. These all might be the same or a bit different, but the same may come as a surprise to you. You should know your zodiac to understand your details in a better way by believing in astrology.

Know your zodiac through your Birth Chart

Though there are several online tools available, that ask some questions, and they are really not bothered with your birth date. These tools claim to reveal your zodiac sign and the energy that gives direction to your life. You should focus on reading astrology concepts, know your zodiac, and then you will be able to read the natal chart very well.

This is OK, but still, you should resort to a popular online tool or an app to get the right detail. Tarot Life is one such app which can give you the accurate detail by entering just a few basic details. This detail is your full name, time of birth, date of birth, place of birth & email.

Your zodiac sign or the star sign, signifies the way the Sun was placed at the time of your birth. Your Sun Sign speaks volumes about your characteristics. However, there is a lot more to explore. Know your zodiac first to get started!

Houses in Birth Chart

The entire birth chart is segregated into 12 segments, which are called houses. These houses are the symbol of all functions & categories of our lives. House number 1 to 6 are the symbol of the routine activities, possessions, money & communication. Whereas, house number 7 to 12 are the symbols of more important things in life which are of high level like hopes, career, partnership, etc.

Actual Zodiac sign

All the zodiac signs are affected by a couple of energies, namely modalities & elements. These two factors play a pivotal role in determining the base of your zodiac sign. So the first step is to determine the dominant modality & elements.

The birth chart is segregated into 12 segments, and these sections are a symbol of the different periods throughout the year. You should find this particular part in the birth chart, which corresponds with the period of your birth date, and then you can find the zodiac sign accordingly.

Birth Chart On An App


With the growing popularity of online applications, it has become quite easier to get your accurate birth chart within minutes and know your Zodiac sign. One such accurate app is Tarot Life. It brings the complete world of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology in one app. You can your personalised birth chart report here which is created by experts and provide a detailed analysis of your life.

download-tarot-life-app-for-android download-tarot-life-app-for-ios

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