5 Best Free Tarot Apps To Solve Your Life Problems

5 Best Free Tarot Apps That Will Help You Deal With Life

Dealing with everyday problems in life can be stressful and working through those problems without proper guidance or support can be the cause of emotional instability which affects all aspects of our lives.

A tarot card reading app can be the best solution to our daily problems, but finding the perfect tarot app from a pool of free tarot reading apps can be confusing.

To guide you through your daily concerns and issues, here is a list of 5 best free tarot card reading app to deal with life that are most popular and you must have on your phone.

1. Tarot Life

Tarot Life App

Tarot Life- tarot card reading app is one of the best tarot card reading apps to deal with life.It is one of the best guides to support you through daily issues that affect your life by the means of tarot cards, numbers and astro reports. Its multiple features enable the users to get solutions to their problems.

The Tarot feature of this app gives you insights into the most important issues of your life. It guides you with Tarot card reading and helps you solve problems related to different aspects of your lives, be it a love related issues or career advice or finance related queries through 3-Card Reading and tarot spreads. Also, you can get an in-depth meaning of all the tarot cards and learn about tarot in detail.

The daily tarot reading assists you in beginning your day in a more informed manner to prepare you to deal with the challenges that come along as the day proceeds.

The main reason that Tarot Life is on the top of this list is the additional features of Astrology and Numerology along with tarot reading. In Astrology feature, the experts provide users with their daily, monthly and yearly predictions, marriage predictions, love compatibility and detailed birth chart report.

Numerology is another interesting feature of tarot life, where you can get a fair idea about your Life path Number, Destiny Number, Maturity number and Personality Number which helps you move forward in your life according to your numerological aspects.

Tarot life provides and interactive platform for resolving your queries by chatting with the tarot experts with ‘Ask a question’ feature.

Download Tarot Life App For Android Download Tarot Life for iOS

2. The Luminous Spirit Tarot

The Luminous Spirit Tarot

The Luminous Spirit Tarot emphasize on different moon phases and enable you to align your intentions with such phases. This app enables you to lay emphasis on your current actions, later reference, in order to make the most of tarot readings. This app  provides  you enough space to jot down your problem, ask your expectation, and end result of each reading. The app allows you to keep a tab on your progress.

3. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot emphasizes on healing through the tarot cards and give lessons on personal growth that comes in handy especially for people coming across multiple changes in the routine life. This app gives the option to save and store all the previous readings to analyze it later to match up your readings. In this app, there is a complete guide for meanings of each tarot cards and also throws light what lessons it has for you as per your tarot cards

4. Galaxy Tarot

Galaxy tarot

Galaxy Tarot is a tarot app that has variety of tarot spreads to choose for your tarot quest, which can give you an insight into the past, present and future of your life. It also allows you to buy a new tarot spread if you think the one you are reading isn’t working for you. Its Card of the Day feature lets you pick one card which has a positive and loving message for your day. It is the best way to begin your day.  The app consists of an encyclopedia which provides detailed info on each tarot card.

5. Mystic Mondays

Mystic Mondays Tarot Reading App

The Mystic Mondays tarot reading app ,is a breath of fresh air which uses vibrant colours to portray the different energies of the cards. This tarot reading app helps its users by giving them daily tarot forecast with their daily tarot feature just like Galaxy Tarot app, and also serves as a guide to the amateurs who are just beginning to learn how tarot works.


An accurate tarot card reading can help you get through the day in a more fluent way but 10 secret things you didn’t know about tarot reading. Amongst all these app, Tarot Life, instantly solves your queries and provide you guidance through your love issues with Love tarot, Financial issues with Finance tarot, career related problems with career tarot. The freedom to interact with the tarot experts at any time of the day is the cherry on top of the cake.

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